Company profile design

Beautifully crafted and innovative company profile design for your business, create a long-lasting impression on your current and future clients.

Innovative company profile design

Beautiful company profile design


Unique company profile design

A great company profile design is a visual symbol that represents your vision.


Professional image

Your company profile design creates a professional image by informing potential clients who you are and what you do.


Sleek and clean look

A sleek and clean company profile design is easy to interpret and is quick to connect with your audience.


Strong visual elements

company profile that uses strong visual elements to communicate who you are.

Key pages included in your company profile

Contents of your company profile design

Front cover design

The front cover includes your company main images and title, year as well as contact information if required.


A brief description of what your company is about and short company history.

Who we are

Detailed explanation about the company, how it started and the inspiration to get it started.

Company history

Information about how and when the company started, and what influenced the incorporation of the company.

Mission statement / vision

Your company’s vision and mission statement, what the company beliefs and values.

Products / Services

A list and detailed information about the products and services the company offers.

Knowledge and Expertise

Experience and qualifications the company has gained over a while since its first incorporation.


The projects the company has completed since its first incorporation.


References to past and previous projects completed, services or products offered.

Accreditations / Achievements

Industry certifications and awards recognized and obtained since the company’s first incorporation.

Staff information

Information about the staff, their names, pictures if available, job titles & descriptions and qualifications they hold as well as the number of years they have been with the company.

Social responsibility

The role the company plays within the community that they operate in, how the company benefits the community.

Financial performance

The financial achievements or standings within the company’s financial year of operation.

Case study

Information about a particular problem the company has solved through innovative ideas and application of the companies values and beliefs.


Contact information on how to contact the company, this information includes but not limited to email address, telephone number and company website.

Showcase your products and services

Personalized company profile design

We help you showcase your company information creatively and innovatively.


Our packages

Affordable beautifully crafted company profile design.



Once-off payment

Start-up Business



Once-off payment

Medium size business



Once-off payment

Professional business

Your vision & values

Create a unique company profile design

Why do I need a company profile design?

A company profile design is a key to informing current and future clients about who you are, what services or products you offer and the company values, vision and beliefs.

How long does it take to design a company profile?

Depending on the package chosen and the client’s requirements, we can design your documents in 3 – 5 working days.

Do you require a deposit to start?

No, we do not require a deposit, payment is only made upon completion of the website provided that you are happy with the design. If you are not satisfied no payment is required whatsoever.

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