Corporate identity design

Give your brand an effective image with our corporate identity design packages, set your business apart from your competitors.

Our product offering

Beautifully crafted corporate brand identity


Corporate brand identity design

Give your brand a professional visual feel and look.


Clear visual identity

Convey your company’s identity with a more clear and more professional visual representation.


Professional corporate identity

Create a professional corporate identity that initiates a sense of trust and reliability.


Recognizable and admired

We carefully put your company colours, typography, logo and tone together to bring one harmonious look to your corporate identity.

What is included?

Our corporate identity design package

Logo design

A logo design to identify what you do, who you are and what are your values. The cornerstone of your brand.


Important company documentation branded with your company logo design to convey a message to your clients.

Business card

Carefully designed to make a visual impact whilst conveying important business information about your company.

Email signature

A beautiful personalized block placed at the bottom of your email to inform your email recipients of who you are and what you do.

Company profile

We use creativity and intuition to figure out and create a logo design that will attract your current and future potential clients.

PowerPoint presentation

Beautifully designed presentation slides matched with the typography, logo and brand colours.

Set your brand apart from the rest

consistent corporate identity

We create an amazing brand image no matter what industry your company trades in, our brand designs are clear, simple and recognizable.


Our packages

Affordable visually impactful designs.



Once-off payment

Start-up Business



Once-off payment

Medium size business



Once-off payment

Professional business

Need a perfect brand image design?

professional corporate identity designers

Why do I need a corporate identity design?

A corporate identity design is important for your brand because its sets your brand apart from the rest, it creates a memorable long-lasting impression on your current and future potential clients.

How long does it take to get a corporate identity design?

Depending on the package chosen and the client’s requirements, we can complete your designs in 3 – 5 working days.

Do you require a deposit to start?

No, we do not require a deposit, payment is only made upon completion of the designs provided that you are happy with the design. If you are not satisfied no payment is required whatsoever.

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